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Its possible to get these properties programatically. Based on context, the object repository is of two types. To access data from a single source of truth, which can. This tutorial introduces the different types of object repositories and. Repository is a generic term meaning a central location in which data is stored and managed. Getting started with qtpuft testing for wpf controls syncfusion. Learn the concepts of objects, classes, methods, properties in uft qtp. Using a combination of qtps type method and gettextlocation, i created a. Hp quicktest professional qtp, an automated functional testing tool that helps. When a user records a test, the objects and its properties are captured by default. During record, time qtp tries to learn the properties of a gui object on which operation is performed. Remove the siebel test automation file from the downloaded program files. In this approach, properties file is a text file wherein data is stored on the form of keyvalue pairs. Without understanding objects and its properties, qtp will not be able to play back the scripts.

These objects and properties play a vital role in uft, without these. The gettoproperty and gettoproperties methods enable you to retrieve a specific. Qtp how to get all object indentification properties. As the name suggests, the object repository is applicable only for that action. Step 2 after selecting hp unified functional testing 11. It then examines its properties and classifies the object. Qtp will store a value of alt, html tag, image type, properties mandatory even if it can uniquely identify it using the alt property alone. The last few uft tutorials have been extremely important from concepts point of view. Whenever we want to run our test cases via some data or in technical terms data driven test cases, we use datatable.

Micro focus uft compares the stored object properties with actual. Selenium web driver object repository using properties file. While this is possible, the answer depends on the application platform, for eg. It will use the object from the local object repository if it finds object with same name in many repositories. During recording, the object repository of the gui objects stores the properties that have been defined in the object identification settings and while running the test, qtp compares the properties that have been. The following are the types of object repositories that can be created in selenium webdriver. If several assistive properties are defined for an object class, then quicktest learns one assistive property at a time and stops as soon as it creates a unique description for the object. Local object repository can be opened by traversing to resources object repository. The image above shows classes available for the web addin environment and the different types of properties available for a highlighted class called webedit. Qtp will give high priority to the local object repository. Qtp datatable methods, properties and interview questions.

In the image above, the object spy is displaying the properties of the object agent name which is the part of login dialogue box. Youll be surprised what youll find lurking around in an objects properties that. What are objects, methods, classes, properties in uftqtp. The name itself indicates that, it is used to spy on objects i. You cant do that for standard windows objects as they dont support ro properties. Qtp may fail to recognize the dynamic objects whose properties change during run time. Qtp generally identifies an object by matching its test object and run time object properties. The gettoproperty and gettoproperties methods enable you to retrieve a specific property value or all the properties and values that quicktest uses to identify an object. Using qtp object spy you can get runtime object properties and test object properties. As we know, that qtp creates a new test with 1 action by default. The object identification dialog box tools object identification in uft shows all the classes available for a given addin.

During runtime, micro focus uft compares the stored object properties with actual properties of the object available on screen and uniquely identifies an object independent of. How to enhance tests with descriptive programming in qtp. Hence it has an option of enabling smart identification, wherein it can identify the objects even if. What is object repository, types of object repository, useful objects and. Object repository in uft how uft identify the objects uniquely. In qtp, objects properties help in identifying the gui object. Object repository is a collection of object and properties with which qtp will be able to recognize the objects and act on it. And, if more than one shared object repositories are having same object ie object with same name, properties may vary, qtp will use the object based on the order of.

Assistive properties are properties that quicktest learns only if the mandatory properties that quicktest learns for a particular object in your application are not sufficient to create a unique description. Object repository is a collection of object and properties with which qtp will be able to. Qtp also uses a human like technology for object identification. Standard windows object methods and properties within this object can be used for testing standard windows.

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