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New innovative tool using the wordless book colors and symbols to represent heaven and gods love, the darkness of sin, the blood of christ and a clean heart. Each of the gospel points is also taught by the creative presentation of a certain kind of candy. Have you ever peeked at the back page of a book to see if the ending is happy or sad. Kids can share the gospel with their friends using this evangelism tool. Swap your friday night game night or movie night for a stack of wordless picture books. So what do the wordless book and christmas ornaments have in common. What he was referring to, of course, was the alphabet from which he could form words, sentences, print a newspaper, or publish a book.

Why you should be using wordless picture books in speech. You can also look for some pictures that related to exquisite bible color by number printables you are loved wordless book crafts and by scroll down to collection on below this picture. Wordless book color meanings with scriptures wordless book. The book consists of several blocks of pure color that, in sequence, represent a nonverbal catechism about basic christian. Encourage a child to read the book to a younger cousin or friend. There are so many bible verses about children that highlight just how much. The wordless book discover its rich heritage child evangelism. The different colors in the wordless book can help you remember what to say when sharing the steps to receiving christ. Have you ever seen a book without words that could tell you a story. The black page stands for sin and the bible verse in romans 3. Its a series of colors that can be used to explain the gospel. Always repeat the verse and reference a couple of times before starting the repetition activity. For example, tootsie rolls will remind your children of. Yellow the wordless book color of yellow should remind us of heaven.

A wordless book stretches the imagination, allowing children to explore language through design and illustration. This squidoo lens is a pretty comprehensive resource for ideas and supplies for the wordless book and related activities gospel colors bracelets, gospel fuzzies puppets, et cetera. Gold and in his word im told ill walk the streets of gold. Im going to use scripture for verses, like study to show yourself approved. Wordless book chart gold dark red clean green truths to be taught on this page who god is 1. Gold represents heaven, a place where sin can never be. Free printable bible coloring pages with scriptures. The wordless magic bag is based on the same colors as the popular wordless book. Although many adults have been led to christ with it as well.

May 28, 2009 one of the best ways to share the gospel with kids is the wordless book. The lord jesus was the only person in all of history to ever live his entire life without sinning. The inspiring words coloring book pairs key verses from the bible with readytocolor line art, each relax and meditate on gods word through this unique and inspiring coloring book, featuring 30 beautiful illustrations to color while you discover the calmness and peace of connecting with scripture while exploring your creativity. The benefits of wordless picture books brain power boy. Bible verse adult coloring pages printable printables mintreet new. On the glove are fun pictures and corresponding verses. This book of colored pages tells a wonderful story from the bible about the true and living god who made the world. Everyone loves a good easter egg hunt because that means that candy and prizes are also in store.

The first page of the wordless book is the gold or yellow color, which is used to gain the childs interest and teach the child about god. The wordless colour book is an easy to make tool for sharing the gospel with children, and even adults. Inspire your children to discover the beauty of gods word with the beautiful words. The daily bible verses were printed on colored cardstock and taped to the side of the house.

Its a super way to stay connected and celebrate books. This video is a demonstration using the wordless book method of sharing christ. Evidence points to it being invented by the famous london baptist preacher charles haddon spurgeon, in a message given on january 11, 1866 to several hundred orphans regarding psalm 51. How can we use the wordless book to explain the gospel. Just in case youre unfamiliar with a wordless book, the book is simply pages of colors and. Wordless book color meanings with scriptures jamaica mission black color meaning bible.

Although colors have been added over the years, the story it tells has never changed. The wordless colour book is an easy to make tool for sharing the gospel with children, and even adults the book is very basic. Glue the boxes on the backs of the pages so that you can read the information as you shuffle through the colors. Within these pages, youll find 24 verses from the bible to inspire the artist in you. The scripture lady will share the gospel by giving significant meaning to each of the 5 great wordless book colors yellow, black, red, white and green. Prom night preaching the wordless book spe popular. Eball soccer balls size 5 uses wordless book colors balls come deflated and include pump new updated artwork on the cover of the ball in celebration of world cup. Eleanor harwood sharing gospel with child, mobile, al. Orders of 12 or more will have some reduction in the final shipping costs due to how the shopping cart calculates shipping in the checkout process. Print instructions for sharing the gospel using the colors green, black, red, white. Salvation basketballs are an effective way to present the gospel to sports minded children and youth.

Wordless picture books can be a fun family activity. It is a simply a book of colored pages used to communicate the. Hello, i would like to tell you a wonderful story from this book. Wrap the cord ends around your finger, and loop it through the. Afterwards, your child should be able to loosely describe what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the book sequencing. Instructions for making the wordless bracelet supplies. Wordless book color meanings with scriptures wordless. This famous, and seemingly impossible, quote, was spoken by benjamin franklin.

Printable links for wordless book gospel colors resources. Evangelism ideas for children gospel plane, gospel. One thing that makes it so special is that its a true story right from gods word, the bible. Often we think we need to have all these verses memorised to present the gospel to someone. Measuring 11 x 17, each page has large lettering so it can be held up in front of a class and the back is printed with the lyrics and music so teacher can easily lead. I like them for many reasons but the main one is the wonderful possibilities presented when reading them. Gods plan of salvation in color salvation basketball. Child evangelism fellowship of north san diego county created this. Grab some colors, markers, or pencils in a variety of hues and let your creativity flow while you meditate on gods word. This was adapted and used by chinese missionaries in the 19th century with a fourth color to represent the eternal kingdom. Good news glove pack of good news glove pack of 12. Eball soccer balls size 5 uses wordless book colors. This bible is a perfect gift for a special young girl in your life and will become a cherished keepsake full of personalized creative expressions of faith. It might also be the wordless book booklet which can be purchased from the child evangelism fellowship or a christian book store.

The wordless book history give me 26 lead soldiers and i will conquer the world. You can make it out of papers of different colors, though some have used bracelets and ornaments to tell the story as well. May 06, 20 after all, how do you promote early literacy skills without text. New testament coloring pages for preschoolers best coloring.

It is things like lying, cheating, disobeying your parents, fighting with brothers or sisters or not being kind to someone. Print instructions for sharing the gospel using the colors green, black, red, white and yellow. T his past week, i was talking with someone about using the wordless book to share the gospel with children. The 3 bible verse songs are tuesday, wednesday, and fridays bible verses, so the kids are naturally hiding gods word in their hearts as they learn the songs. Developed and ed by every child ministries hope for the forgotten children of africa please contact ecm for permission to reprint for use in other ministries.

The green of the gospel turnaround represents christian growth. The wordless book is one of the most effective ways to present the gospel to children. The wordless book is a tool to help christians tell others about gods plan of salvation through colors. The inspiring words coloring book pairs key verses from the bible with readytocolor line art, each page offering an opportunity to mediate on gods word as you take a muchneeded break from the noise and stress of everyday life. The wordless book presents the salvation message using five colored pages to represent heaven and gods love, the darkness of sin, the blood of christ, a clean heart and christian growth. Instead of using words to tell the story, it uses colors. Our tract and matching silicone wristband both use 5 colors. The organizing focus of good news clubs lesson materials is a scripted version of the so called wordless book. As the instructor said to the child, he can always read more. How can use the wordless book to explain the gospel.

Here is a quick summary of the different colors of the wordless book, including bible verses for each one. Does anyone else remember wordless books from sunday school. You see, its pages are different colours and if you know what the colours mean, you can tell yourself the story by looking at the coloured pages. Hello friends, here is a color version of the story of the wordless book tract that you can download and use in ministry. It is anything that you do or say or think or even feel that is against god. When you create wordless book easter eggs and choose to use the activity as a visual aid teaching tool for your family or a small group, or even if you make it a larger group experience, its a great way to give the sweet gospel to children and adults alike. The dark gospel of the wordless book the good news club. Our tract and matching silicone wristband both use 5 colors to present the go. Give a glove to each child and encourage him to use it to tell his friends about jesus love. Aug 28, 2015 today we are going to explore the benefits of wordless picture books.

Use it to start conversations on the lifegiving nature of water. You can process the order online and the final charge to your credit card will be. This tract uses a wordless book bracelet to share the gospel. This coloring book is not just for artists, it is for anybody who wants to lessen their anxiety and engage in a.

Black my heart was dark with sin until the savior came in. Child evangelism fellowship commentary by gene yes lord world. The gospel in colors the wordless book ministrytochildren. Red his precious blood i know white has washed it white as snow. Well constructed wordless picture books offer a high degree of detail and plot complexity. Teaching the memory verse introduction do you like to receive gifts. A wordless book is a great little tool for sharing the gospel. If you love to use the wordless book in your bible lessons, then youll love using this visualized song featuring the same colors as the classic book. Gospel gloves this plastic glove uses wordless book colors one on each finger to tell the salvation story.

The wordless book song explains the meaning of the 5 daily colors. A visual example gives the person a reference for the information they are hearing. With hundreds of inspiring verses illustrated in detailed, readytocolor line art, the niv beautiful word coloring bible employs the proven stressrelieving benefits of adult coloring to help quiet your soul so you can reflect on the precious truths of scripture. First used by charles spurgeon in 1866, the wordless book has become a very popular tool used all over the world to explain the plan of salvation to kids using the gospel colors.

Wordless book printables, plus lots of other fun bible crafts and such for kids. Designed for ages 8 years and older, 64page coloring book features 30 unique and creative illustrations that focus on key verses in the bible. The red page jesus is gods perfect son, he is god the son. Black represents original sin and the punishment death that god must impose on it. Girls can get creative with the detailed, readytocolor line art surrounding the hundreds of inspiring verses in the niv beautiful word coloring bible for girls. Its also the perfect size, small enough to keep in my billfold or purse when traveling. Use bible verses where appropriate, but be careful not to overload your listener with. That means that he is god and he became a man and lived a perfect life.

However, wordless picture books can be a very enjoyable and beneficial addition to your childs bookshelf, whatever your childs age. These types of books actually have a host of benefits for kids and if youre not doing it already, using wordless picture books in speech therapy should be a part of your practice. The dark gospel of the wordless book the good news. Wordless book chart child evangelism fellowship of hawaii. Get it today with same day delivery, order pickup or drive up. Lots of different size and color combinations to choose from.

One of the most popular and effective tools for witnessing, using colors to present the message of salvation. First used by charles spurgeon in 1866, the wordless book has become a very popular tool used all over the world to present the gospel to children. When considering using this method to share the gospel, think about whether the children you are sharing with will understand your explanation of each of the colors if the children relate the colors to different ethnic groups, then perhaps dont use this. Now its time to unlock the potential of this powerful presentation to reach a new generation of souls with the timeless truth of the gospel.

This will be exciting to see one day, but it cant compare to the amazing fact that heaven is where god lives. The bible says that in heaven there is one street made out of pure gold. Prom night preaching the wordless book spe popular christian videos charles spurgeon once gave a sermon called, the wordless book, where he demonstrated the gospel using only three colors. This threeminute exchange with my daughter got me thinking about the power of wordless picture books. Day pony bead crosses, can use wordless book colors. Below is an explanation of the wordless book colors and a comparison to yes lord logo bar. Benefits of wordless picture books i can teach my child. Each color of the wordless book wordless bracelet represents an important bible truth about salvation. Includes instructions in spanish to make a wordless book bracelet. I was fascinated because the gold page was actually shiny gold and not just yellow. Johnston use a wordless book or gospel fuzzies glove to show the colors as you sing.

I will tell you straight out that i am very fond of wordless picture books. Great for your missions class, womens fellowship, or youth group if you would like to make and donate wordless books and bracelets for the use of teen missions international on summer missions trips and overseas boot camps, simply send completed books. Wordless book easter eggs free printable paradise praises. Jesus color by numbers free john printable from maureen spell make your world more colorful with free printable coloring pages from italks. Salvation basketballs are based on charles spurgeons concept of presenting the gospel message through colors, as presented in the wordless book. Picture books help children develop eye coordination and print awareness. The wordless colour book the gospel story godly ladies. The wordless book method of presenting the gospel has been used successfully for nearly 150 years. Wordless picture books childrens books and reading. Why they are great for kids, what they can learn by reading them, and fun ways to use them. The wordless book visualised 6 children participate.

We can follow in jesus footsteps by using this wordless magic bag to engage the children as you share the message of salvation. It is the second volume of the inspirational christian activity journals series by spiritual author prema sairam. One of the most popular tools for witnessing, the wordless book presents the salvation message using five colored pages to represent heaven and gods love, the darkness of sin, the blood of christ, a clean heart and christian growth. Gather and order a piece of black, red, white, gold, and green construction paper. Hide the visual the last time you repeat the verse. After all, there was no text to relay a message or in essence tell the story. But reading at least a few verses each day is good because it helps him get into the habit of spending time with god. Spurgeons original wordless book contained only three colors, black, red and white.

Round pony beads in black, red, white, yellow, green, and either clear or blue. Shop wordless book colors designed by davedavidson. Child evangelism fellowship uses the wordless book. How to share the wordless book gospel with kids free printable. Peace through the words of scripture is a spiritual activity book created specifically with grownups in mind. I was surprised to learn that many believe that charles spurgeon originated the wordless book idea. Wordless book bookmark posted on april 14, 2014 by notashamedtracts while you obviously cannot fit an entire, thorough gospel presentation on a bookmark, this design highlights the main point of each color used in the wordless book gospel presentation including a verse.

This book of colored pages is not only extremely easy to use, its also very effective in communicating the message of salvation through jesus christ. Free printable bible coloring pages with scriptures to print. Wordless picture books are also a great way for children to begin understanding basic story structure. The red color is to remind us of the blood that jesus shed on the cross to cleanse us from all our sin. The gospel water bottle is a great tool to share the message of salvation. In it he told of an old unnamed minister who had put three coloured pages together black, red and white and often looked at them to remind himself of his sinfulness, of christs blood shed for him, and the cleansing provided. These plastic gloves use wordless book colors plus pictures and corresponding verses to tell the salvation story. Niv beautiful word coloring bible for girls, hardcover, teal. Jeri these little wordless books are well made of sturdy and attractive paper.

Exquisite bible color by number printables you are loved. It contains 5 colours that each represent parts of the gospel. If the child answers the two questions with a yes, you could show him the colors of. The wordless book makes the truth of the gospel very simple. The gospel flipperflappertm incorporates the colors and symbols of the wordless book. Evangelism ideas for kids wordless book variations. Sharing the wordless book gospel printable paradise praises. In her mind, reading a wordless book meant some serious thinking must be involved. Each time someone shares the wordless book, those listening learn about heaven and gods love for them, the darkness of sin, the blood of christ, a clean heart and how to grow in christ. The power of wordless picture books playful learning. Dont guide your child in a salvation decision without this. The wordless book is a christian evangelistic book.

Each color of the wordless book wordless bracelet represents an important. Creation coloring pages to use with a teaching on god s creation. The gospel colors are a great way to lead a child to salvation. First used by charles spurgeon in 1866, the wordless book has become a very popular. When jesus taught his first disciples, he used things they were familiar with, like sheep, fish and bread. The colors are vibrant and its a great evangelism tool. The children are then introduced to the bible verse song 1. Introduce children to the wordless book of colors and teach them about salvation through jesus christ. Make the wordless book wordless bracelet teen missions. Its a wonderful way to slow downand soak up scripture. They can tell the story by describing the pictures and what is happening on each page. My mom carried a small cardboard one in her purse for a time when i was little. Bible color by number printables can be beneficial inspiration for those who seek an image according specific categories, you can find it in this site. The children will be amazed as you flip through the symbols while sharing the gospel.

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