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Fitness is the ability to meet the demands of a physical task. Gcse 91 physical education components of fitness teacher resource 2 author. The exact amount of each substance that is needed in a balanced diet will vary. New gcse pe specification powerpoint for lessons on the components of fitness.

The components of fitness and a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The 11 components of fitness gcse physical education revision. If you are not incorporating all components of physical fitness into your daily exercise program, then you are not doing enough to improve your fitness level and overall health. The components of fitness this sample lesson plan has been designed to help teachers to structure a one hour lesson on physical training as part of gcse physical education scheme of work 2016, 2 and 3 year plan. Components of fitness true or false worksheet twinkl. Abiding by the rules, etiquette and sportsmanship 5. Components 1 and 2 will b e assessed in mayjune in any single year. The booket focuses on the components of fitness topic from the aqa specification easily adapted to other specs. The ability of the heart, lungs and blood to transport oxygen during sustained exercise.

It is suggested as a guide only and can be amended to suit teachers and their students needs. Agility agility is simply defined as the ability to move and change direction quickly at speed whilst maintaining control. Gcse pe 7 the components of skill related fitness prezi. Healthrelated fitness components fitness is such a broad term and a complex subject that can include health and skillrelated fitness. Understanding of how test scores are measuredrecorded eg in seconds, levels, centimeters, numbers. Gcse physical education pe resource last modified by. There are health related 5 and skill related 6 fitness components. This short clip gives students some helpful advice and guidance with short answer questions. A comprehensive database of more than 86 gcse quizzes online, test your knowledge with gcse quiz questions. Home components of study past papers proudly powered by weebly. A level, gcse, btec sport physical education resources. A completed version is also available for your reference. Pe btec btec firsts level 12 sport 2012 aff71 5719 activity pack for btec l2 sport unit 1. See more ideas about fitness, physical fitness and health and physical education.

Aqa gcse pe 44 for each of these components of fitness it is important that you can link them to specific sports and skills, justifying why they are needed. Cambridge igcse physical education 04 the syllabus provides learners with an opportunity to study both the practical and theoretical aspects of physical education. Plus there are independent studies in the worksheet. Understand and justify why the components of fitness as stated above may or may not be needed when performing certain physical activities and sports. It will give your pupils a full and comprehensive account of everything they need to know in this topic area and put them in a position to answer 9 mark exam questions.

The attached booklet can be used over a number of lessons. However, everyone should consider all aspects of physical fitness in order to be defined as a physically fit individual. The booklets looks at all theory with a number of activities and fitness tests. Components of fitness gcse pe by adam myers on prezi. Invision employees share their remote work secrets. Lets take a closer look at these components individually. Health related component definition eg of how it can improve. Component 1 fitness and body systems st johns pe gcse. Healthrelated fitness is often divided into several other components which form our overall health status and include cardiovascular or aerobic fitness, strength, and flexibility. This booklet unlike the core non gcse booklet sold individually includes a number of actual gcse examination questions with answers in the back of book. This sheet is from a book called make ittake it fitness games.

Why does a footballer need good agility and be able to change direction quickly. The video is designed to build routine into how these questions are answered and develop a greater. Tasks on health, fitness, exercise and performance are also included with an exam question and model answer. Speed speed is the ability to move the body and limbs quickly. The components of fitness, benefits for sport and how. Edexcel gcse pe 2016 91 components of fitness teaching. Gcse pe 91 components of fitness homework or starter task duration. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Students are involved in several different tests and record their results for various activities so that they can analyse their own strength and weaknesses. Maintaining and developing physical strength, stamina, speed and flexibility and preparing physically and mentally for involvement in physical activity. Healthrelated fitness components components explained. The components of fitness definitions, examples and tests. A textbook that centres may find helpful is safe practice in physical education, sport and. The healthrelated components deal with your everyday physical fitness, and the skillrelated components deal with your athletic abilities. Physical education 5 components of fitness dice warmup. Components of fitness flashcards in gcse physical education.

Gcse pe components of fitness booklet teaching resources. These exam style questions are focused on the components of fitness. Starter for year 10 gcse pe inspired by another user. Students can use books such as cambridge igcse pe as well to answer the questions. The terms in the box are all components of skill related fitness. Resource file by frank galligan, eric singleton and. See more ideas about health and physical education, physical education and elementary pe. Simple definitions, perfect for gcse pe students, for gym walls and pe displays. Covering all areas of the specification with questions and tasks to complete. You can increase fitness by exercising regularly which will, in turn, improve performance. They are types of tests that measure a performers physical ability each component of fitness has their own unique fitness test 3. Learn about and revise health, fitness and exercise in sporting and life performance with this bbc bitesize gcse pe ocr study guide. You get the students worksheet, teachers worksheet with answers and powerpoint.

You mustuse a different component for each type of performer. The axe valley community college revision guides gcse. Fitness can be broken down into different components or parts. Gcse 91 physical education components of fitness teacher resource 2. Science quiz components of fitness gcse pe random science or clickable quiz can you pick the components of fitness gcse pe. It is designed to encourage enjoyment in physical activity by providing learners with an opportunity to take part in a range of physical activities and develop an understanding. Very detailed student text book containing all the topics covered in the igcse pe course. The pearson edexcel level 1level 2 gcse 9 1 in physical education consists of two externallyexamined papers and two nonexamined assessment components. Fitness testing is a central and essential feature of all fitness training and will be used before training begins, during the training programme and again at the end of the training programme. The components of fitness and a healthy, balanced lifestyle 6. Rate 5 stars rate 4 stars rate 3 stars rate 2 stars rate 1 star. Our heart and lungs are able to cope with activity for relatively long periods of time without getting tired. Skill and health related fitness scool, the revision.

Study hint it is a common mistake to suggest that increased fitness definitely improves health. Our original digital story books and teaching materials. A revision book for students and teachers following the ocr gcse pe specification. Stamina stamina can be defined as the ability to keep going for long periods of time. These subdivisions make it easier to understand fitness and also to understand the different requirements of sporting activities and the different roles within the same activity. Components of fitness true or false worksheet new design your own ve day bunting. Health related fitness there is a close relationship between health and fitness, but sports related fitness is much higher and more specific and can be divided into different components. Pupils can create their own revision cards for the components of fitness using these templates. Learn about and revise health, fitness and exercise in sporting and life performance with this bbc bitesize gcse pe edexcel study guide.

Health related fitness components definitions flexibility rom possible at a joint muscular endurance repeated exercise on one muscle without fatigue muscular strength the amount of force exerted on a resistance cardiovascular fitness repeated movement over an extended. The five components of physical fitness are cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body. You can estimate the recommended daily average rda protein intake for a person using the formula. Basic fitness can be classified into four main components. Our online gcse trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top gcse quizzes. A fitness lesson to test the various components of fitness. Includes definitions, videos of each component in action with opportunities to apply other sporting examples. Much of the theory content for this topic will be taught practically. Ideal student text book for all aspects of the igcse pe course. Year 11 assignment 2 plan and lead own activity session file. There are ten recognized general physical skills, and they are all practiced regularly with crossfit. You are as fit as your competency in each of these ten skills. Links to a range of teaching and learning resources that can be used to enhance and support the delivery of the components of fitness topic in gcse physical education are provided below.

For each you need to know a definitionwhat it is and how performance in a sport is improved. Ten quickfire true or false questions based on the ocr gcse specification. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The components of fitness definitions, examples and tests bbc.

Cardiovascular respiratory endurance the ability of body systems to gather. Examples of how the component links to a healthy lifestyle e. An explanation of the different components of physical fitness. Buy edexcel gcse pe student book by scott, mr tony isbn. However, exercise scientists have identified nine components that comprise the definition of fitness tancred 1995. To outwit another player or move into a more suitable position to pass or shoot. The following student books have been selected for aqas official approval process.

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