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Hydrotreating is one of the most mature technologies found in the refinery, rivaling the history and longevity of the thermal process. Naphtha complex, typically consisting of naphtha hydrotreating nht, light. Hydrocracking in petroleum processing springerlink. Coker naphtha hydrotreating technology process licensing. Hydrotreating for sulfur removal is called hydrodesulfurization. Naphtha and gas oil hydrotreating correlations the standard cubic foot of hydrogen per barrel of feed scfb required for complete sulphur removal is calculated as. Two distinct types of catalytic sites are required to catalyze the steps in. Uop hdc unibon process hydrotreating and hydrocracking uop hc hydrocracking uop unicrackingtm process. Process work of a naphtha hydrotreating unit sunday, april 3, 2016 oil and gas nht naphtha hydrotreating unit is a functional to perform the decomposition components of sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen, and metal compounds. Pygas is a naphtha range product with high aromatics content used either for gasoline blending or as a feedstock for a btx extraction unit. When the process is employed specifically for sulfur removal, it is usually called. When combined with our portfolio of bestinclass reforming catalysts, the ccr platforming process produces highoctane reformate which is used both for gasoline and as a source for btx aromatics.

Hydrotreating is also used prior to catalytic cracking to reduce sulfur and improve product yields, and to upgrade middledistillate petroleum fractions into finished kerosene, diesel fuel, and heating fuel oils. Hydrocracking is a process that breaks down complex hydrocarbon molecules into simpler ones by using a catalyst and an elevated partial pressure of hydrogen gas. Typically, fixedbed residue hydrotreating processes, such as the uop rcd unionfiningtm process, are used in conjunction with rfcctype units to address gasolinefocused markets. After the naphtha hydrotreating unit, naphtha is sent to an isomerisation unit or a catalytic reformer unit, which often use reforming catalysts. Coker naphtha places extraordinary demands on hydrotreating processes. Naphtha hydrotreating is an essential step for refiners to produce cleaner gasoline from different feedstocks. Design parameters for a hydro desulfurization hds unit. These difficultto process streams often contain high levels of silica, which decrease hdn catalyst activity. Customers can utilize the uop unicracking process and catalysts for high. The polymer formation potential of coker naphtha is about 300 times the potential for sr naphtha.

Uop emre alliance for high quality lube and diesel production technology exxonmobil research and engineering company girish chitnis, tim hilbert, and tim davis. Naphtha hydrotreating reaction refinery engineering. Hydroprocessing hydrotreating hydrocracking samson. Until about 1980, hydrotreating was a licensed technology being offered by a fairly large number of companies. Uop naphtha hydrotreating process honeywell process solutions. Process work of a naphtha hydrotreating unit proses industri. Heavy naphtha cut from the atmospheric crude oil distillation column in a refinery is sent to a naphtha hydrotreating unit. Naphtha kerosene distillate ago lvgo hvgo vacuum residuum cat distillates gas oil hydrotreating dao isomerate gas alkyl feed alkylate polymerization naphtha gases butanes lpg reformate naphtha fuel oil bottoms distillates distillate hydrotreating cat naphtha cycle oils sda bottoms coker naphtha heavy coker gas oil light coker gas oil sulfur. The metals contained in the naphtha feed are arsenic, lead, and to a lesser degree copper and nickel, which damage the reforming catalyst permanently. Hydrodesulfurization an overview sciencedirect topics. Pdf modeling, simulation and optimization of naphtha. The catalyst used in the naphtha hydrotreating process is composed of an alumina base impregnated with compounds of cobalt or nickel and molybdenum. The refinery also uses honeywell uop s hc and hc120 unity hydrocracking catalysts as part of its production process. Isomerization process isomerization is the process in which light straight chain paraffins of low ron c6, c5 and c4 are transformed with proper catalyst into branched chains with the same carbon number and high octane numbers.

Hydrotreating technology is one of the most commonly used refinery processes, designed to remove contaminants such as sulfur, nitrogen, condensed ring aromatics, or metals. Naphtha hydrotreating kerosene hydrotreating diesel hydrotreating vacuum gas oil vgo hydrotreating. Our hydrotreating catalysts are designed for longer cycle lengths while meeting clean fuels specifications. The hydrocracking process is uniquely suited, with proper optimization, to assist in solving these problems. Posttreating fcc naphtha is the minimum investment, least cost route for meeting the tier 2 gasoline sulfur and ulsd standards. During the hydrotreating process, the compounds that contain these metals are destroyed and the metals get. Global demand for diesel is growing much faster than gasoline demand. Pdf new plan to optimize the separation section of naphtha. The increase in the api gravity of a product is calculated as. Specifically designed for operation in the 2nd stage of a twostage flow. The configuration of a singlestage selectfining unit processing fbr olefinic naphtha fig. Some typical hydrotreating processes in refineries are. The operating conditions of the selectfining process are similar to those of conventional hydrotreating. Revamp of naphtha hydrotreating process in an iranian refinery.

Honeywell uop providing hydrotreating catalysts for enap. Hydrocracking is a process that is suitable to produce products that meet or exceed all of the present environmental regulations. The hydrotreating process is commonly used to remove platforming catalyst poisons from straight run or cracked naphthas prior to charging to the platforming process unit. The naphtha hydrotreating process is also important to pretreat naphtha for downstream units, like paraffin isomerization and catalytic reforming, where severe. In the past 25 years, hydrotreating catalysts have become commodities and the process has been offered without licensing fees. For more than 60 years, uop has been a leading provider of reforming solutions that meet customer needs for highoctane, lowsulfur gasoline. Hydrocracking reactions proceed through a bifunctional mechanism. Vacuum gas oils and resid feeds can contain a significant amount of vanadium and nickel. Complications can also arise because they have high concentrations of conjugated diolefins that tend to polymerize, as well as olefins that immediately saturate and. The uop unicracking process is carried out at moderate temperatures and pressures over a fixed catalyst bed in which the fresh feed is cracked in a hydrogen atmosphere. Uop s coker naphtha hydrotreating process removes contaminants from 100% coker naphtha or can be used for blends containing coker naphtha and other naphtha streams. Since the introduction of the uop ccr platforming process in 1971, more than 250 units have been commissioned.

Revamp of naphtha hydrotreating process in an iranian refinery article pdf available in petroleum and coal 511 january 2009 with 6,942 reads how we measure reads. The process also converts olefins and aromatics to saturated compounds. Uop s uf75 catalyst is formulated for top guard bed applications in hydrotreating or hydrocracking process units to remove arsenic compounds for the protection of downstream catalyst that are sensitive to arsenic to prevent premature catalyst deactivation. Unity honeywell uop hydrotreating and hydrocracking catalyst portfolio. Honeywell uop provides a comprehensive range of hydrotreating catalysts, including demetallization, naphtha and distillate hydrotreating, pretreatment of feeds for fcc and hydrocracking units. The nht unit prepares feedstock for downstream reforming or isomerization units that have sensitive noble metal catalyst. Honeywell uop introduces range of new hydrotreating. This and subsequent processes significantly raised the yield of highoctane transportation fuels. Design parameters for a hydro desulfurization hds unit for petroleum naphtha at 3500 barrels per day.

Naphtha kerosene distillate ago lvgo hvgo vacuum residuum cat distillates gas oil hydro treating dao isomerate gas alkyl feed alkylate polymerization naphtha gases butanes lpg reformate naphtha fuel oil bottoms distillates distillate hydro treating cat naphtha cycle oils sda bottoms coker naphtha heavy coker gas oil light coker gas oil sulfur. Conjugated diolefins polymerise at normal hydrotreating conditions, and the polymers cause fouling of the reactor, resulting in pressure drop buildup. With partial conversion hydrotreating, treating the resulting fcc naphtha would not be necessary. Benefit from tailored performance through uop unity portfolio extra profitability for your hydroprocessing units within your refineries and petrochemical complexes complete solution from uop. Modeling, simulation and optimization of naphtha reforming process on aspen plus platform. The feedstocks used in the process range from naphtha to vacuum resid, and the products in most applications are used as environmentally acceptable clean fuels. The hydrocracking hc process is able to remove the undesirable aromatic compounds. Furthermore, hydrotreating, a term often used synonymously with hds, is a catalytic refining process widely used to remove sulfur from petroleum products such as naphtha, gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, and fuel oil gary et al. Process engineer for the 21st century honeywell uop. Honeywell uop providing hydrotreating catalysts to produce. In this paper, naphtha hydrotreating unit of a target refinery in iran was studied. Used to improve yields of middle distillate or naphtha products. From technical experts working together with you to catalysts that help optimize unit performance, you get it all with honeywell uop.

Pyrolysis gasoline is produced in an ethylene plant that processes naphtha, butane or gasoil. Honeywell uop also offers catalysts for naphtha hydrotreating and fcc gasoline desulfurization. Coker naphtha hydrotreating honeywell uop also offers catalysts for naphtha hydrotreating as well as fcc gasoline desulfurization. This reaction does not break any carbontocarbon bonds, but it does convert a molecule. Honeywell uop inaugurated the use of catalysts in the refining industry in 1931, beginning with solid phosphoric acid. Process flow schemes for hydrotreating and hydrocracking are similar.

Hydrotreating is a process to catalytically stabilize petroleum products by converting. Hydrotreating is a critical step in the refining process where hydrogen and a proprietary catalyst are used to pretreat petroleum and other products by removing contaminants before conversion into transportation fuels. The common objectives and applications of hydrotreating. Typical flow scheme of the reactor section of a low severity nht. Uop and hps together are an unmatched process technology provider. Most reforming catalysts contain platinum as the active material. Hydroprocessing, including fixed bed residue hydrotreating and ebullatedbed residue hydrocracking, has seen limited commercial application. This scheme can employ a combination of hydrotreating and. Experion solution suites for uop technologies matt willmott. The nht unit prepares feedstock for downstream reforming or isomerization units that have sensitive noble metal catalyst systems. Its primarily used in the pretreatment of reforming feed but the end product can also be used as gasoline blend stock or as feedstock for petrochemicals production. Unmatched process experience combined with the highestperformance catalysts.

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